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Pest Management

Our service is designed to block pests outside before they come inside.

Our Residential Pest Service features every other month exterior perimeter applications with inside service done by request at no additional charge. On the initial service our highly qualified technicians will perform a Complete Interior Application using our environmentally friendly products that break the life cycle of the insect pest. The attic will also be treated and all cracks and crevices around cabinets and plumbing areas.


The Exterior Perimeter will consist of a complete cobweb removal with our websters and a thorough application will be made to all window openings, doors, roof eaves and mulch beds. Covered pests include ants, spiders, crickets, earwigs, silverfish and cockroaches. Mice, rats, fleas and ticks are not covered but can be done as needed for an additional charge.

Commercial Pest Services are performed monthly and include Gated Communities, Condos, Restaurants, and Commercial or Industrial Buildings. Commercial Services are customized to fit your specific needs.

WDO Inspections

Termites cause an estimated 30 billion dollars worth of damage per year to structures, and are present in every state of the United States. They do more damage to structures each year than all natural disasters combined. A homeowner who discovers termite damage will spend an average of $3000 to repair the damage.


If you are buying a home and need a wood destroying organism inspection report, we can help. Don’t make one of life’s biggest investments without knowing if there is hidden termite damage. Our highly skilled and trained termite inspectors know exactly what to look for, and will make sure your new home is free of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood boring beetles, and wood destroying fungi.


We thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home including crawl and attic spaces. Pest Solutions Plus leads the industry with our one year treatment guarantee. If we issue a clean report and termites are discovered within one year of our inspection, we will treat the home free of charge. We work with home buyers, banks, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and real estate attorneys. Our forms are qualified for VA and FHA mortgages, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. Call us today to schedule your WDO inspection.

Termite Protection

 "The Old" One Two - Give your termites the old One-Two punch.


Our Subterranean termite service features a dual layer protection plan featuring Termidor and the Whitmire Advanced baiting system.


Layer 1: Termidor is applied to the active infestation & around the foundation of the structure to protect your investment from day one.


Layer 2: Whitmire inground bait stations are installed and monitored on a monthly basis until the termite colony has been eliminated.


Drywood Termites

Our featured No Tent Drywood Termite Service elimiates the need for you to fumigate your home. This non-invasive treatment is performed with our wall foaming technology designed to eliminate the drywood termites where they live in your walls and attic.


Fumigation service is also available for structures with larger infestations.

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Pest Solutions Plus introduces a dynamic, new pest management and termite monitoring concept that we call Termashield. Included with Termashield service:

• Initial Service

• Dust attics

• Crack and crevice around cabinets throughout the house

• Dust, gels and granuals throughout the house where needed

• Treat around windows inside and out

• Perimeter spray in mulch bed and rock beds

• Webster the front of the house

  (knock down spider webs outside the home)

• Install termite monitoring stations around the

  perimeter of the house. (Termashield Only)

• Professional service every-other-month

• Exterior Service

• Interior on request at no extra charge!

Termashield is the ULTIMATE in home protection... GUARANTEED!

The ULTIMATE in Home Protection

• Termite Repair GUARANTEE

• Custom TERMASHIELD Stations

• Monitored at EACH service

• Perimeter Insect Application

• Blocks Pests OUTSIDE

Before they come inside

• Eliminates Screened Cages

• SAFE Control of Mosquitoes


• Stay Dry with Mist Atomization

• Reduce Air Temperature by 20 Degrees


• For a consultation, please fill out the form below and one of our technicians will contact you.

Control Your Outdoor World

Tired of spending time indoors because of biting mosquitoes and no-seeums?

Do you have a cageless lanai and want to enjoy your outdoor space year round?

Pest Solutions Plus' Enviromist Mosquito misting system is a safe and effective solution for your outdoor living spaces. This integrated pest management program incorporates the best strategies and tools to provide a systemic approach to mosquito control.


Steps to this process include breeding source reduction, environmental modification of breeding habitats, biological management and direct contact treatments of resting and hunting mosquitoes and no-seeums. Misting zones are created to cover breeding sites on your property where mosquitoes and no see ums live and breed. Our misting nozzles are custom installed under roof eaves, along fences and in planter beds. Call us today for a free evaluation and estimate of your property and start enjoying a bug free outdoor environment. Cool Misting


Create a comfort zone with Enviromist cool misting systems.

Are you a restaurant owner who wants to make your outdoor eating space more profitable during the hot summer months?

How about a residential home owner with an outdoor living space that is too hot to use in the summer.

Our Enviromist Cool Mister is made just for you. Our cool misting systems feature high pressure pumps and marine grade stainless steel orafaces that atomize the water ensuring that you stay dry while the ambient temperature is lowered by as much as 20 degrees! Pest Solutions Plus will come out to your home or business and help create a custom plan for your property including misting nozzles and fans placed in areas you would like to keep cool. Our systems are remote control operated and can be run for long periods of time with minimal water use. Call Pest Solutions Plus today for your free cool misting analysis in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples.

Create a comfort zone with Enviromist Outdoor Mosquito & Cool Mist System.

Lawn Program

Our lawn program consists of timely applications that provide the results you are looking for.

• Lawn Fertilization Program:

  Our program consists of 3 applications of a balanced, slow-release fertilizer

  in the fall and spring and the other 3 applications is a nutrient package applied to lawn.

• Insect Control Program:

  Insect control is done at every service.

• Weed Control Program:

  Weeds are treated at each service when needed.

• Fungus Control Program:

  All fungus control is done as needed.


• Grub Control Program:

  Grubs are not included in regular service and are treated in the fall if needed for

  an additional charge.


Rodent Control

Domestic rodents and mice consume our food, share our living quarters, and have become one of the main pests to our homes and businesses because of their reproductive capacity, and their ability to adapt to new environments. They contaminate food through defecation, destruct building structures through their gnawing habits, and transmit diseases to humans. Rats and mice are warm blooded mammals and often seek shelter from the elements inside our attics, basements, food storage and handling areas, and manufacturing facilities. Our rodent control services combine baiting, trapping, rodent proofing (exclusion), and habitat alteration to eliminate the problem. Whether you are a homeowner, restaurant, industrial storage facility, or manufacturer, we can help. Our technicians are extensively trained on rodent behavior and can spot signs of rodent activity and infestations. Call us today for a free rodent evaluation and estimate for your property.

Lawn & Ornamentals "GREEN Enough To Play On! Make your neighbors "green" with envy. Our custom blended granulated products are applied to your lawn at each service. These slow release applications ensure that your lawn always looks its best throughout the year. Our Custom Lawn Service Includes: Insect Control Fertilization Weed Control Disease Management Ornamental Plant and Palm Tree Care is offered in conjunction with your lawn service. Deep Root Injections are made in the Spring & Fall for all plants and trees. Insect control & disease management are applied Spring through Fall as needed. * Grubs are not included with the regular service but can be done as needed for an additional charge.

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